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December 2017

"Alice in Wonderland," an illustration of Nanuqsaurus by Raven Amos

This Mesozoic Month: December 2017

This Mesozoic Month

Here it is, our final This Mesozoic Month of 2017, but our first in our new home! I’ve really enjoyed this format for our periodical roundups, and hope you have as well. In the News HALSZKARAPTOR! This incredibly weird and cool dromaeosaur made a splash early this month in Nature. The goosey lil’ devil. Read more about the “murder-swan” from NYT, Newsweek, Cosmos, Tristan Stock, and our own Asher Elbein for Audubon. Prof. Julia Clarke has used crocodile and bittern vocalizations to make a guess…

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Title page of 1958’s The Wonderful Egg by Dahlov Ipcar

Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Wonderful Egg

Vintage Dinosaur Art

The festive season is upon us, LITC has moved (by the grace of Mr Orr) to a shiny new home, and I’ve got a few nights all to myself with only a bottle of Bell’s for company. What better time, then, to look at a truly wonderful little example of Vintage Dinosaur Art that’s so old, my dad was born in the same year that it was produced. (And he’s old.) It also involves eggs, which will soon be a…

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A screencap from a paleoart lesson plan from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Paleoartists: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life


As I was poking around the web recently, I happened across a pretty wonderful lesson plan, Paleoartists: Bringing Dinosaurs to Life, designed by The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis, using study of paleoart as an entry into paleontology. Michael Skrepnick’s work is a key component of TCM’s Dinosphere exhibit, translating their lively fossil mounts into large-scale paintings. The first lesson in the plan uses his depiction of T. rex and Triceratops as a way to learn about both the paleo-artistic process and how art changes with science. “After…

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Welcome to LITC 2.0


I’ve been talking about it for two years or more and the day has finally arrived. Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs has a new home, built with WordPress! You can expect more of the same scintillating content you’ve come to expect from us over the last eight years. The previous Blogger site will remain as an archive—thus far, I’ve been unable to get the import to work. I may be making small tweaks to this site over the next…

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