Paleoart of Lariosaurus by Brian Choo

This Mesozoic Month: February 2018

This Mesozoic Month

A bit of a quieter month than January, which coincided with an incredibly hectic month here on the homefront. But I am undaunted, and here is a quick roundup of news, blogging, video, art, and more from February of 2018. Let’s stick a pin in it.

In the News

A few years back, a mighty impressive assemblage of Mesozoic trackways was found at NASA’s Goddard Flight Center in Maryland, and now it’s been published. Read more from Everything Dinosaur.

Eogranivora edentulata is a new Cretaceous bird species, remarkable for its euornithine affinity and the fact that it fed on seeds with its toothless beak – as its name suggests. Read more from Albertonykus at Raptormaniacs and Mickey Mortimer at the Theropod Database Blog.

There’s a new ankylosaurid from southern China, the best the region has ever produced: Jinyunpelta, with its cool hexagonal tail club. Read more at Nature.

Around the Dinoblogosphere

At Prehistoric Beast of the Week, Chris delivers a fetching illustration of Herrerasaurus, along with a thorough write-up about the early dinosaur.

After leaving the Natural History Museum in London, the famous cast of Dippy the Diplodocus has left for a grand tour. Mark Witton writes about the mural he was commissioned to create for the traveling show.

Head over to Ashley Hall’s tumblr blog to check out her recent posts on the Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs exhibition currently at her museum, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Hmm. Close enough for another road trip?

Red alert, LEGO-lovers: James Gurney shares some great photos of Dinotopia-inspired creations.

Herman Diaz is back with another pair of book reviews at ART Evolved, this time offering his analysis of Make-A-Saurus and Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts.

Into bivalves? Take a look at this Cretaceous fossil featured at the (local-ish to me) blog Kentucky Fossils and More.

At Waxing Paleontological, Zach did a deep dive into Anchiornis and kin.

Mike Taylor of SV-POW is somewhat blown away by the weirdness of the cervical vertebrae of the new titanosaur Mendozasaurus.

At TetZoo, Darren watches a couple of diminutive extant dinosaurs go all awesomebro.

The LITC AV Club

PBS Eons did a sweet video on the Cretaceous snake Najash.

Melanie Hopkins of the AMNH delivered a great talk on trilobites as part of the museum’s SciCafe series.

Crowdfunding Spotlight

There’s a Kickstarter effort to establish a museum in Taranaki, NZ. Check it out here.

The Empty Wallets Club

Yikes! The VaraArt Etsy shop, run by Kristen Whitaker, makes some mighty lovely dinosaur sculptures. As an example, here’s her (recently sold out) dromaeosaur. Keep your eyes peeled for future listings.

Check out Ben Garrod’s newly released “So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs” book series, featuring art from Gabriel Ugueto, Ethan Kocak, and more. Ben will be appearing at the Stratford Literary Festival on April 29, too. Here’s Ben talking about the series.

Your Moment of Paleoart Zen

I fell hard for this Lariosaurus, painted by Brian Choo in 2014.

Paleoart of Lariosaurus by Brian Choo

“Lariosaurus Goes for a Stroll” by Brian Choo. Used here with his permission.

Check out more of Brian’s awesome work at his DeviantArt page.

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    Jose Diaz
    March 3, 2018 at 1:44 am

    “Herman Diaz is back with another pair of book reviews at ART Evolved, this time offering his analysis of Make-A-Saurus and Dinosaur George and the Paleonauts.”

    Many thanks for the shout out! My only nit-pick is that you forgot Ostrom’s 90th birthday on 2/18/18. I picked my 22nd pair of reviews to coincide w/said birthday.

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