Tylosaurus illustration © Duskyvel, shared here with the artist's permission.

This Mesozoic Month: April 2018

This Mesozoic Month

Blasting into your feed reader, it’s another roundup to close out this month. Over the first four months into 2018, we’ve been treated to a glut of Mesozoic insights. You never know what’s coming next on this veritable feast of knowledge! Dine away, my friends… feast on this prehistoric enlightenment.

In the News

  • The Ichthyosaurus specimen with a belly full ‘o babies has been published. Read more at the BBC and Phys Org.
  • Well, look at that: some caenagnathid eggs have been found in North America. Read more from NC State University, including a video from paleontologist Lindsay Zanno.
  • Even more dinosaur tracks have been discovered on the Isle of Skye, dating back to the middle Jurassic. Read more from the Guardian and BBC.
  • East coasters, rejoice! A saurornitholestine tooth has been discovered in North Carolina’s Tar Heel Formation, the first definite record of an Appalachian dromaeosaurid. Read Chase Brownstein’s paper here.
  • New research studies feeding traces on a juvenile Tyrannosaurus metatarsal, finding yet more evidence for cannibalism. Read the paper in Palaios.
  • Oh, yes. Even more theropod feedin goodness. A global team including our own Victoria Arbour studied teeth from a handful of theropods to figure out how they were eating, finding they used a “puncture and pull” method of obtaining those nom noms. Read more from Everything Dinosaur and the Washington Post.

Around the Dinoblogosphere

Dispatches from Himmapaanland

That’s right, a new section, because LITC team member Natee shares so much wonderful work on social media and it makes perfect sense to me to share some of it here! I’ll be tossing a few into this roundups each month for your immense enjoyment.

Velociraptor Awareness Day” happened on April 18, and Natee shared their adorably fierce illustration of Velociraptor with a serpentine snack.

There were hadrosaurids. Were there ever. Here are a dandy pair, but click over to Natee’s Twitter or Instagram to see a few more.

The LITC AV Club

An oldy but a goodie from the BBC: Beautiful slow motion footage of a Golden Eagle.

The PBS Eons crew paid a visit to the collections at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT.

The Brain Scoop with Emily Graslie did a great piece on the paleoartists of the Field Museum, and it’s more than just Charles Knight.

Crowdfunding Spotlight

Scott Elyard and Raven Amos are planning their next art show, and have started a GoFundMe to help cover the costs. Only this time, it’s two shows. Gallimaufric Science is slated to take place for the May First Friday at Cafe D’Arte in Anchorage, and All Hallow’s Eve will open during the October First Friday at Modern Dweller’s Chocolate Lounge in Anchorage. And of course, be sure to follow Scott and Raven on Twitter and visit their website.

The Empty Wallets Club

Your Moment of Paleoart Zen

My thinkin’ was, “I want a sauropod this month. I don’t feature sauropods often enough.” But then I have a hard time finding one I really love and I get distracted by a shiny marine reptile. This breaching Tylosaurus by Isabelle Forsman begged to be chosen and I couldn’t resist. Hot damn.

Tylosaurus illustration © Isabelle Forsman, shared here with the artist's permission.

Tylosaurus illustration © Isabelle Forsman, shared here with the artist’s permission.

Crackin’ good job, Isabelle! Follow along with her art at her DeviantArt profile.

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