This Mesozoic Month: July 2018

This Mesozoic Month

And there goes July of 2018. Some good fun with sauropods and ankylosaurs this month, friends! Let’s dive in.

In the News

Around the Dinoblogosphere

Dispatches from Himmapaanland

A mix of fancy ladies, whimsical absurdities, and glorious extinct and extant wildlife: our Natee never disappoints! Be sure to follow their Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress sites. Buy them a cup of coffee, too!

The LITC AV Club

Watch Máximo, the Field Museum’s Patagotitan mount, come to life, bone by bone.

Crowdfunding Spotlight

Promotional image from Jamale Ijouiher's GoFundMe campaign, illustration by Joschua Knüppe.

Promotional image from Jamale Ijouiher’s GoFundMe campaign, illustration by Joschua Knüppe.

You can help make Jamale Ijouiher’s textbook on Mesozoic Africa a reality via this GoFundMe campaign. Money raised for Jamale’s text, entitled The Old Kingdom – the Palaeontology & Palaeoecology of Cenomanian North Africa will go to pay for artwork commissioned for the text.

The Empty Wallets Club

  • Archaeopteryx plush by Rebecca GroomHow about an Archaeopteryx from Rebecca Groom? You can buy it in the Palaeoplushies store. She’s also made an adorable Anurognathus but I bet it’ll be sold out between the time I’m writing this and when I post it!
  • Geo-Rex Vortex by Sharon Wegner-LarsenSharon Wegner-Larsen has created new versions of her awesome Geo-Rex Vortex and Triceratops Rocks designs, available at Redbubble. They look great!

Your Moment of Paleoart Zen

Rebecca Dart, a comic artist, animator, and art director from Vancouver, BC, has been posting some splendid paleoart lately. Here’s her dynamic scene of Carnotaurus chasing down Anibesetia.

Carnotaurus and Anabisetia, illustrated by Rebecca Dart

Carnotaurus and Anibisetia © Rebecca Dart. Shared here with the artist’s permission.

Follow Rebecca at Instagram and Twitter!

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    August 1, 2018 at 11:21 am

    That DiPiazza guys art is part of The Old Kingdom, too.

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