This Mesozoic Month: June 2019

This Mesozoic Month

We’ve reached the halfway point for 2019, and the paleontology train keeps chug-chug-chuggin’ down the tracks. Since I’ve been on vacation (or HOLIDAY, to make Natee happy) for the last week and had this post locked down before I left, there’s a chance I missed a blockbuster publication. Rest assured, July’s round up will mop up anything big that happened over this past week. And this edition is packed anyway, so all aboard…

In the News

Around the Dinoblogosphere

Dispatches from Himmapaanland

Let’s take a look at the paleoartistical fancies our dear Natee has been sharing on Twitter, shall we?

The LITC AV Club

Since I’ve got it stuck in my head…

Ambopteryx takes wing

Ask Dr. Sues

Eons + NMNH on Evolution

I ain’t ‘fraid of no Holtz

Engh and Hone talk pterosaurs

Crowdfunding Spotlight

Send Jennifer Cavin to SVP in Brisbane!

Paleontologist Jennifer Cavin in the field

Paleontologist Jenniver Cavin unfortunately had to spend her SVP savings on medical expenses, so she is on GofundMe asking for a bit of help. Donate if you can and help spread the word!

The Novosaurs are Coming

Kickstarter promo graphic for Novosaurs by Andy Frazer, with a campaign running from June 5 to July 5.

Artist Andy Frazer, who created Dragons of Wales, is following up that project with Novosaurs, which imagines a world in which the “Chickenosaurus” is a reality and anyone can have one. The project has funded, so pledge to preorder! The campaign lasts for one more week.

The Empty Wallets Club

Your Moment of Paleoart Zen

Something a little different here – the work of French artist Clémence Dupont, illustrator of A Brief History of Life on Earth, released in April of this year. The playful book is in the form of a long, eight-foot foldout depicting tableaus of life over the history of our planet. I love her fanciful style and use of color, and of course her depiction of a wide variety of life-forms beyond the fossil superstars.

The Triassic spread from Brief History of Life on Earth by Clémence Dupont

Be sure to read her recent interview with the Scientific Inquirer, and follow her at Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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