Cropped view of an illustrated creek bed in the Permian Bromacker ecosystem of Germany, featuring a paleodictyoperid insect and roachoids.

Invertefest is coming!

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Invertefest is a periodic event begun on Twitter to celebrate the wonders of invertebrates through photos, videos, and art. Begun by Kelly Brenner, Maureen Berg, and Franz Anthony, the next incarnation of the event will take place on August 21-23, 2020.

Franz contacted me because he was interested in getting some paleo-folk involved, so I had the idea to do a special paleo-version of Invertefest here at LITC. After the event closes, on August 23, I’ll compile paleoart shared on the #Invertefest hashtag and share it here in a gallery post.

The art can be brand new or old, with the only stipulation being that it focuses on or conspicuously features invertebrates, from any era of the prehistoric past. Cephalopods, insects, arachnids, echinoderms… any invertebrate family is welcome! Just be sure to tag it with #Invertefest! If you’re not on Twitter, I’ll also monitor Facebook, Instagram, and DeviantArt for posts. Other sites I’m not thinking of at the moment, too – comment below if you’re posting elsewhere. Artists of all skill levels are invited to participate!

To get the ball rolling, here’s a recent piece of my own that would fit the bill: my illustration for the Bromacker paleoart contest, featuring a paleodictoperyid insect, roachoids, and the dissorophoid temnospondyl Tambachia. It’s not only inverts in the piece, but they play a starring role.

A vector paleoart scene of a creek bed in the Permian Bromacker ecosystem of Germany, featuring a paleodictyoperid insect, roachoids, and the dissorophoid temnospondyl Tambachia

Even if you don’t have paleoart to share, I highly recommend joining in with your own photos of the amazing inverts which whom we share our world – and who make our lives possible. It’s a great event to shine a spotlight on oft-overlooked creatures. Read more details about the event at Kelly Brenner’s website. Hope to see an avalanche of awesome invert paleoart!

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