The Paleoart Shop Index


Inspired by a few people I saw tweeting inquiries about how to find places to buy paleoart online, I’ve started a new project to help the paleoart community reach consumers. Sometimes when I come across tweets from hungry paleoart enthusiasts, I’ll share links to my gift guides, but it struck me that having a master list of paleoart shops would be really useful. My answer is the Paleoart Shop Index, I’m crowdsourcing with the help of the paleoart community.

What I’m asking of you is dead simple: if you sell your paleoart, I’d like you to ! There are no other stipulations. If you make paleoart, sell it in some form, and want people to actually know about it, . At the moment, it’s just a spreadsheet. Once it fills up more, I’d like to make a page for it here at LITC. As I type, it contains 45 shops. But there are a lot more out there, and if you have one, you know the drill by now!

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