Tree Spinosaur

Dispatches from Himmapaanland

I ne’er loved Spinosaurus ere now, forsooth.

A playful (of course) drawing inspired by Brennan Stokkermans‘ photograph of an Agami heron and the proposed heron-like hunting and feeding habits of Spinosaurus — which do not for the present include any actual arboreal capabilities, as far as I’m aware. Though Niels is very much looking forward to marking it on his 2021 Spinosaurus bingo card. I should have posted this here sooner in the wake of the Spinosaurus Special episode of our podcast.

I’m eternally grateful to David for having included Dispatches from Himmapaanland as part of This Mesozoic Month for so long, thereby keeping my capacity as a blog contributor ticking over with very little additional effort on my part. Now that the latter has come to an end, it was high time I took up the Dispatches reins again myself…

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