Podcast Show Notes: Episode 6 – Luis Rey special

Podcast Show Notes

Our sixth episode is all about legendary palaeoartist Luis V. Rey! We discuss some of his most eye-catching artwork, as it appears in his art compendium Extreme Dinosaurs (2001). Then, Marc and Niels speak to Luis himself, as he shares many of his trade secrets, anecdotes, his surprising inspirations, his artistic philosophies, his future projects and much more. A must-listen for all Rey fans!

In the News

  • A new open-access paper by Novas et al compares the shoulder girdles of several maniraptoran dinosaurs to several living birds, and finds that the range of arm movement for these dinosaurs was more limited than previously thought. No more flapping movements for dromaeosaurs? The used phylogeny has inspired some discussion: read the paper here and form your own opinion.
  • Menefeeceratops is the name of the adorable, freshly-described nasutoceratopsin centrosaurine ceratopsid from Utah, which is thought to be the earliest centrosaurine yet discovered. You can find the paper by Dalman et al here.
  • The star of this month surely is Tlatolophus, the wonderfully preserved parasaurolophin hadrosaur from Mexico. The animal has inspired many palaeoartists to reconstruct it, including Luis Rey, and our own Natee. Its skull, itself about 80% complete, has been said to somewhat resemble a map of the Netherlands. I don’t see it. Anyway, here’s the paper.

Tlatolophus from Himmapaanland. Image (c) Natee Himmapaan, used with permission.

Image (c) Luis V. Rey, used with permission

Vintage Dinosaur Art / Interview

What’s to say about Luis Rey? First, the LITC team discuss some of his most stunning and significant artwork, before the master himself speaks. Why was Luis blacklisted in the nineties? How did he create a dinosaur encyclopedia with Thomas Holtz? How colourful can we make a whale? And which artist inspired Luis to take up palaeoart? Luis tells all. Don’t forget to check out Luis’ blog, and his most recent book Extreme Dinosaurs, Part Two.


Beipiausaurus, Sinsauropteryx, Confuciusornis and Caudipteryx


Valdoraptor and Polacanthus

Giganotosaurus and Amargasaurus



Whimsical Protoavis

The Evolution of Birds


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    June 14, 2021 at 11:07 am

    Luis V. Rey’s art never really spoke to me, but you really can’t deny how dynamic and distinctly “Luis” it is. After listening to him in this interview, I have a better appreciation for his work, though! I absolutely agree with him about the importance of artists giving their art their own flair, something that makes it their own. Love the podcast and really happy to see it on Spotify. I’m looking forward to more episodes :’)

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