Podcast Show Notes: Episode 8 – Ely Kish and Jed Taylor

Podcast Show Notes

In the latest episode of the podcast, Marc, Natee and Niels finally answer the age-old question: Is the P silent in “pterosaurs”? (no, it isn’t) [Yes – it is. M]. The LITC crew discuss one of history’s most celebrated palaeoartists, the late Ely Kish, and her work for Dale Russell’s An Oddyssey in Time. Some of us are big fans, while others need some convincing… Jed Taylor discusses the trials and tribulations of the beginning palaeoartist whose work blew up out of nowhere, and guides us through his famous Dromaeosaur Sanctuary. Who is Ray Jurassic and where did he get those two Deinonychus?

In the News

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Natee and Marc make the case for Ely Kish! Will Niels be convinced by Kish’s artistic genius or will the infamous shrinkwrapping prove just too much to overlook? Here’s part one and part two of Marc’s inital review.


Stegoceras (not featured in the book but came up in the discussion, thanks to Darren for finding it)





Tyrannosaurus and Edmontosaurus








Natee and Marc talk to Jed Taylor. Jed reminisces about his time as a zookeeper, the time he crashed on the scene in 2017 and how his art has evolved since. He also offers us a tour through his famous Dromaeosaur Sanctuary (which he inherited from a shady Scottish millionaire). Check out our earlier interview with Jed, and look at the comments for a certain “birds with snout” comment…

Evolution of Jed’s work. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission.

Recent Deinonychus. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission.

Jed’s work from 2019. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission.

Childhood Ely Kish fanart. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission

Jed produced this sketch during the interview. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission

Dromaeosaur Sanctuary. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission.

Dromaeosaur Sanctuary. (c) Jed Taylor, used with permission.

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