Announcement: LITC at PopPalaeo


We have a short announcement to make: The LITC team will be speaking at the upcoming PopPalaeo event, which will be an online session where several figures from the palaeosphere wil discuss the subject of Palaeontology Podcasting. Joining Natee, Marc and Niels of the LITC podcast crew will be, among others, Darren Naish of TetZoo, Dave Hone of Terrible Lizards and Gijs Rademaker of DinoCast. We will discuss the ins and outs, challenges and lessons of running a palaeontology themed podcasts and sharing our insights into the processes, inspirations and backgrounds of our podcast. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and talk to us directly. The event is free to join for everybody, so come and say hello!

It will be on 3 November 2021 at 5 pm, UK time. The discussion will be held online, over Microsoft Teams. If you are interested in coming, you can send an email to Chris ManiasCheck out PopPalaeo’s webiste here!

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