Podcast Show Notes – Episode 12 – Maidi Wiebe and Darren Naish

Podcast Show Notes

It’s our one-year anniversary! In this insightful episode, the Chasmo Crew discuss Maidi Wiebe, another unfairly forgotten female palaeoartist whose body of work includes masterpieces for the Chicago Field Museum, stepping into the footsteps of Charles Knight. But does the book, What Is A Dinosaur, adequately show off her talents? Marc then talks to the renowned palaeontologist, author and illustrator Darren Naish about his recent adventures in science and publishing. Is the TetZoo podcast cancelled FOREVER? What was up with dinosaurs in the sixties? When is a four-legged snake not a snake? Did Natee really make a fool of themself? Find out in November’s podcast.

In the News

Three open-access papers this week, free for all to read! Tetrapodophis, once thought to be a four-legged Cretaceous snake, has been re-interpreted as a mosasaur relative. Berthasaura is a bizarre new herbivorous ceratosaurian theropod from Brazil. Brighstoneus (not Brightstoneus) is a newly-described iguanodont from the Isle of Wight, which Marc visits every year, so I don’t know how he’s managed to miss it.

Berthasaura. Reconstruction by Maurílio Oliveira

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Maidi Wiebe, freshly immigrated from Germany, worked at the Field Museum as their artist in residence between 1951 and 1962. Her name and work have been mostly forgotten, until Emily Graslie dug them up. The book What Is A Dinosaur, written in 1961 by Daniel Q Posin, is one of the few readily available books that contains her artwork, but does it do justice to Wiebe’s talents?

Niels’ original review from 2020 can be found here and here.

Emily Graslie’s Brain Scoop video which provide insight into Maidi Wiebe’s time at the Field Museum, as well as her predecessors.


Palaeontologist, author and illustrator Darren Naish is a household name around the palaeosphere, and his famous blog Tetrapod Zoology is widely read, also among our regular readers. Marc talks to Darren about his new book Dinopedia, his recent co-authoship of two new spinosaurid theropods and his upcoming palaeoart book Mesozoic Art together with last month’s interviewee Steve White. He also sheds a light on the fate of the TetZoo podcast. Is it ever coming back? And what about Dinosaurs In The Wild?

Cover of Dinopedia, cover by Darren Naish

Torvosaurus by Darren Naish

Torvosaurus artwork for Dinopedia. Artwork by Darren Naish

Riparovenator and Ceratosuchops, from Wikimedia Commons

Cover of Mesozoic Art, cover art by Mark Witton

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