Dinosaurs in the Wall, a film still

Vintage Dinosaur Media: Dinosaurs in the Wall

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Of late, I’ve been designing a final report for a massive media preservation project at the hallowed institution that keeps the roof above my head, Indiana University. Some of the time I’ve spent scouring our archives for cool visuals has been spent in the online media collection that the initiative established. You can probably imagine my Spielbergian, slack-jawed reaction when on a gloomy December day I stumbled upon… dinosaurs.

Produced by KETC out of St. Louis, this is a nice little slice of 1961 science communication. The highlight for me is the footage of the diorama, in which “Antrodemus” (most likely Allosaurus) moves in on a fallen camptosaur to the chagrin of the local crocodylians. This is likely the work of William Berry, as noted in 2011 at Agathaumas, and it’s a real treat. I’d absolutely love a reproduction of that Antrodemus on a bookshelf, and the Stegosaurus skeleton is a beauty.

So pull up a chair, turn the lights down (where applicable), and enjoy a sixty year old visit to Dinosaur National Monument!

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