Podcast Show Notes: Episode 13 – Rod Ruth and Raven Amos

Podcast Show Notes

It’s lucky number thirteen! In the last podcast episode of 2021, the Chasmo Crew discusses comics and colours as we dive into the work of comic book artist turned dinosaur man Rod Ruth and his retro but innovative 1970s dinosaurs. Marc and Natee interview Raven Amos about dinosaur linework, colour theory and living in Alaska. Is there such a thing as a Dinosaur Proto-Renaissance? Why is Raven Amos an Enemy of Science? Will we work John Sibbick into every damn conversation we have? How hard can Natee roll their eyes? Do we need to censor naughty words, such as Sp*cies R*cognition H*pothesis? All shall be revealed in episode thirteen. Happy New Year!

In the News

  • Stegouros is a newly-described, small ankylosaurian from Chile with interesting tail weaponry. Read the paper here.
  • Some interesting comparative osteology has been done on the centrosaurine ceratopsid Einiosaurus here.
  • Yingliang, an amazingly preserved oviraptorid embryo, still in the egg, has been described here.
  • We do not talk about Vectiraptor, as the paper is paywalled and we don’t like theropods anymore. But if you want a link, you can mostly not read it here.

Yingliang embryo. Credit: Xing et al/iScience

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Rod Ruth (1912 – 1987) was an American comic book artist who dabbled in palaeoart, with rather spectacular results. An Album of Dinosaurs was written by Tom McGowen and appeared in 1972.

  • Marc’s review from 2013 can be found here and here.


Ceratosaurus and Stegosaurus

Ceratosaurus and Stegosaurus

Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus

Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus






Iguanodon Forefoot





Raven Amos is an artist living in Alaska, and one of today’s most exciting palaeoartists. Famous for her bold use of colour theory and linework, Raven is also on a mission to make palaeoart more accessible to people with colour blindness.

Flower Dance

Bower Tyrants (Gorgosaurus)

Alice in Wonderland T-shirt design (Nanuqsaurus)

Swamp Dragon (Ichthyovenator)

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  • Reply
    February 13, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    Some captions for the Ruth pics:

    – Ankylosaurus
    (to Tyrannosaur): “Hope THAT knocks some sense into you!”
    – Coelophysis
    (to the lizards): Go! Go, my Pretties and find the Precious!”
    – Compsognathus
    (Pterosaur in air): “You killed Kenny! You BASTARD!!!”
    ‘Kenny’: “I’m not dead yet!”
    – Iguanodon
    (turtle, to Iggy): So, that’s the news from Down Under, Mr. Iggy, Sir.”
    – Struthiomimus
    (to other one): “Dammit, we missed the Ferry! You HAD to do your nails, didn’t you!”
    – Trachodon
    (underwater, in a VERY bad French accent): “Here is the brave explorer searching for the Lost City of Gondwanopolis…”
    – Triceratops:
    (3rd Trike away to others in background): “Here we go for the long-anticipated Grudge Match! In the left corner we have “Killer” Joe! And in the right corner, we have “Scar-Face” Al! Place your bets! And remember, Honeys, the Winner gets to MATE with all of ya!”

    I don’t know. I’m just in a mood today…

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