Podcast Show Notes: Episode 14 – Zallinger Jr. and Greer Stothers

Podcast Show Notes

Slightly late but sure as rain comes the fourteenth episode of the world-famous Chasmosaurs Podcast! Natee, Marc and Niels dive into the Zallinger dynasty, as after covering Rudolph’s famous mural, this time we shine a light on his son Peter Zallinger. Natee interviews Greer Stothers, who has a book coming out called Kaleidoscope of Dinosaurs, a great title for a book. We also have a brief interview with Tom van der Linden, who may just have discovered a new dinosaur! Are all dinosaurs in fact tan and green? Are hadrosaurs boring for their lack of feathers? Will the mainstream media ever get their reporting on dinosaurs right? What’s Alan Rickman doing here? And will we ever, ever stop talking about that John Sibblick? Find out on this riveting episode.

In the News

  • An intern has identified a possible new sauropod at Oertijdmuseum Boxtel! This was covered in the Dutch media, such as here. Niels talks to Tom van der Linden, the intern in question, on the podcast. His analysis places the animal between Barosaurus and Galeamopus on the phylogenetic tree. Niels interviewed the museum’s director René Fraaije before.
  • A Struthiosaurus braincase endocast reveals details about its lifestyle and its defences! But it’s not deaf! You can read the open access paper here!
  • A giant Jurassic ichthyosaur in the UK! Believed to be a specimen of Temnodontosaurus, The Rutland Sea Dragon is is the biggest, most complete prehistoric fossil ever found in the United Kingdom. Here is conservator Nigel Larkin’s blog post about the animal, accompanied by amazing artwork by Bob Nicholls. Dr Dean Lomax wrote a Twitter thread about it here.

Tom van der Linden poses with the nearly-completed mount of Brösmeli

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Today’s featured palaeoartist is Zallinger the Younger, Peter, son of Rudolph. Reviewing 1986’s Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs, Mac, Natee and Niels discuss how palaeoart tropes have evolved since the day of father Rudolph and how Peter’s own distinct style compares. And whether that is that an annoying question to even ask.

Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs cover

Front Cover

Apatosaurus by Peter Zallinger


Cretaceous spread

Acanthopolis, Scolosaurus, Ankylosaurus by Peter Zallinger


Triceratops by Peter Zallinger


Tyrannosaurus by Peter Zallinger


Archaeopteryx by Peter Zallinger



Stegosaurus by Peter Zallinger



Natee interviews award winning artist Greer Stothers on how their highly distinctive art style evolved, how their interest in palaeontology was re-kindled by the massive backlsh against Jurassic World, how one makes a risograph and how they managed to talk their editor into letting them author a book about dinosaurs. Greer’s personal website can be found here!

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  • Reply
    Zain Ahmed
    February 6, 2022 at 1:44 pm

    I have just realised the book claims Apatosaurus was found in Europe alongside NA. WHAT!?

  • Reply
    February 11, 2022 at 3:57 pm

    As a fan of Greer Stother’s artwork, I really loved this episode :’) They seem like such a lovely person!! I will absolutely add their new book to my wish list.

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