Podcast Show Notes: Episode 17 – Crystal Palace and Russell Peterson

Podcast Show Notes

Due to illness, we missed an episode of the podcast, but we are back on track with the episode recorded in April! This time, Dr. Mark Witton takes us back to what might be the first large-scale expression of palaeoart in 3D: The dinosaurs at the Geological Court at Crystal Palace Park! Tying in with his new book with Ellinor Michel, he tells us all about their history, their surprising influence and their uncertain future. Also, a lot of unashamed bashing of Evil Bastard Richard Owen! The Vintage Dinosaur Art segment takes us back to the 1950s, as we discuss an odd but charming oddity full of interesting art. How can we save what’s left of the Geological Court for future generations? Is pre-renaissance dinosaur art more experimental? Why is naming dinosaurs after other dinosaurs still a thing? Does Marc sound like Darth Vader? And why are we suddenly listening to Franz Schubert? Listen to find out!

In the News

  • With the help of some well-preseved Gorgosaurus juveniles, scientists have mapped out a growth series for this tyrannosaur: Link here
  • A mere partial hand of a new therizinosaur tells us a remarkable deal about its lifestyle. It’s been named Paralitherizinosaurus japonicus: Link here
  • Are the fibers on pterosaur skin truly feathers, same as with dinosaurs? Research into the integument of Tupandactylus suggests that it might be, indeed, the case! Link here

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Today we’re examining a book from 1959, Dinosaurs andotherprehistoricanimals, illustrated by the unknown Russell Francis Peterson. Once again, we discuss the delicate balance between an anatomially correct portrayal of the animals and the role of style. Also, look out for a surprise trout!

  • Marc’s orginial review from 2015 is here.

Cover with Allosaurus


Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops


Another Diplodocus

Egg-shaped Stegosaurus




Sea Monsters at Battle




Scientist and artist Mark Witton is a well-known advocate for the famous and misunderstood Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. Recently, he and Ellinor Michel have written what is so far the most comprehensive and well-researched book on the subject of these majestic Victorian sculptures by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins. The book can be found wherever books are sold, such as here. Mark himself introduces the book at his own blog here.

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