Podcast Show Notes: Episode 18 – Prehistoric Planet Special

Podcast Show Notes

Slightly later than planned, thanks to the vagaries of existence (ah, yes), Episode 18 is something of a Prehistoric Planet special, as Niels, Marc, and Natee take a brief sojourn away from Vintage Dinosaur Art to wax lyrical about the much lauded Apple TV+ documentary series. Could we possibly heap yet more praise onto it amid the universal acclaim? Palaeoartist Gabriel Ugueto was among the over 1,500-strong team of creatives and scientists who lent their powers to the series, and though he’s still contractually not permited to talk about his role in it, we still get to hear about some of the many projects he has recently completed and is currently working on, including the Extinct book series written by Professor Ben Garrod, and Gabriel’s own title on Triassic tetrapods.

In the News

  • Ovum-in-ovo: a titanosaur egg-within-an-egg indicates that sauropod reproductive biology was closer to that of birds than reptiles. Paper by Dhiman et al.
  • Yet another new spinosaur from the Isle of Wight suggests that it is the largest carnivore in Europe so far discovered. Paper by Barker et al.
  • The same Psittacosaurus mongoliensis specimen which has revealed so much about its life appearance now gives us the oldest preserved umbilical scar: a dinosaur ‘belly button.’ Paper by Bell et al.

Prehistoric Planet

The entire Palaeosphere may have already talked about it, but we’re jolly well going to add our own enthusiastic tuppence worth. That’s on top of Sophie’s own post about it, and Marc’s previous series of short reviews, written as each episode aired. It’s just a bit good, isn’t it?


Herpetologist, palaeoartist, and the original #Paleobae (a title conferred upon him by our lord and blogmaster, David Orr) tell us of his recent and ongoing projects. Hear about the pressure cooker of a deadline that tested even one of the fastest working palaeoartists alive. And just what is the least favourite thing about palaeoart, according to the community? The books Gabriel illustrated for Ben Garrod’s Extinct series can be found here.

Mammoth is Mopey

David and Jenny Orr’s charming and beautiful prehistoric alphabet book, originally published in 2015, gets a new and improved second edition! Order it here.

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