Podcast Show Notes: Episode 19 – Sweet Stebbing and Naughty Zubin

Podcast Show Notes

Greetings, one and all! Today’s episode features quite a contrast: the naïve, childish creatures illustrated by Hillary Stebbing in her 1946 children’s book Extinct Animals, contrasted against the gnarly, outlandish modern work of Zubin Erik Dutta, a true up-and-comer in the palaeoart world. How do horror and pin-ups influence dinosaur art? Does every ceratopsian scrap gets its own genus name? What on earth is a Jakapil? And how did we end up with a dinosaur book with no T. rex in? All this and more in today’s wonderful episode.

In the News

  • Meet Jakapil, the new basal, bipedal thyreophoran (or is it?) from South America. Paper by Riguetti et al.
  • Just why did disparate lineages of large theropods, not to mention pseudosuchians, evolve that funny-shaped eye socket? Paper by Stephan Lautenschlager.
  • Not another new ceratopsian! Oh yes, it’s Bisticeratops, a chasmosaurine from Late Cretaceous New Mexico. Paper by Dalman et al. Ah, Bisti-o.

Vintage Dinosaur Art

We take a gander at Extinct Animals, a children’s book illustrated by Hilary Stebbing and published in 1946. So, that’s definitely not the Invicta Stegosaurus toy on the cover, no matter how much Marc wants it to be. A very charming book with some of the sweetest (non-cloying) renditions of prehistoric animals you’ve ever seen. Do check out Niels’ review from back in 2020, if you haven’t already.


Marc interviews artist Zubin Erik Dutta about his influences – in palaeoart, fantasy art, horror art and, er, pinups – gnarliness, ultraviolence, luxuriant manes, and much more besides. It’s true, there are a lot of tyrannosaurs – but then, they’re the best dinosaurs. Do check out his ArtStation and DeviantArt pages, and new Redbubble shop. Merch!

I See You by Zubin Erik Dutta Going Full Metal by Zubin Erik Dutta

Animal Protein Supplement II by Zubin Erik Dutta

The Omen of a Snapping Twig

The Smell of Carrion by Zubin Erik Dutta

An End to 2020 by Zubin Erik Dutta

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