Podcast Show Notes: Episode 22 – Postcards from TetZooCon 2022

Conference Podcast Show Notes

Episode 22 closes off the year 2022.

Here is the yearly postcard from TetZooCon, in podcast form! The UK’s biggest event of Our People, organized by that man Naish and presumably other people, was held early December at the Bush House in London. It was a palaeo-heavy conference, with lots of dinosaur and especially pterosaur talks, the yearly palaeoart workshop, lots of attention for the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and the launches (or re-launches) of some significant books. And this time, you can hear all about it! Niels, Marc and Natee did not only attend the event, but took the time to interview a whole bunch of people there, from speakers, familiar names, palaeoartists, authors and regular – as well as not irregular – attendees. So enjoy this lavish episode full of news and reminiscence, featuring Darren Naish, Victoria Arbour, Dougal Dixon, Natalia Jagielska, C. M. Kosemen and a whole bunch of others.

In the News

  • Some news concerning a certain contested, long-snouted, possibly aquatic theropod. Nateevenator, I mean Natovenator is here! What else did you think it was? The paper is here.
  • Evidence of some early dinosaurs, two sauropodomorphs and a herrerasaur, suggests that the intense skeletal pneumaticity that theropods and sauropods are known for wasn’t present in the common ancestors of these clades, and therefore must have evolved separately. Here’s the paper!
  • Pathologies on the type specimen of Zuul crurivastator the ankylosaurid suggest that the animal used its famed tail club primarily for intraspecific combat rather than defence. Zuul‘s co-describer, LITC alumnus and lead author of the paper, Dr. Victoria Arbour, tells us more. And here is the paper.


We had a great time at TetZooCon! Rather than re-iterate all we said in the podcast, here’s a bunch of photographs.


The LITC team. Photo by Georgia Witton-Maclean.

Niels with Sarah of the Friends of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. Photo by Marc Vincent.

Marc in conversation with Dougal Dixon. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

C. M. Kosemen and Abigail. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

Matt Dempsey shows his stuff. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

Darren Naish gets ambushed. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

Natee in conversation with Chris Manias. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

Natee in conversation with Natalia Jagielska. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

Natee and Albert and a fabulous prize. Photo by Niels Hazeborg.

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