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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 24

Podcast Show Notes

Our guest this episode is Emiliano Troco, a modern ‘old master’ whose traditional paintings evoke the imagery of the flowering of early 20th century palaeontology. Our Vintage Dinosaur Art title is Dorling Kindersley’s The Ultimate Dinosaur Book, another of those formative publications released in the same year as Jurassic Park, and one which can quite justly claim to have then lived up to its name. Can Niels resist making a Slam Dunk joke? Can Marc resist referencing Jurassic Park and vintage dinosaur toys all at once? Can Natee resist breaking into Carrollean verse? Can Troco resist flying into a berserk rage whenever anyone mentions Zdeněk Burian? Find out in this exciting episode!

In the News

  • Dunkleosteus is friend-shaped! ‘A Devonian Fish Tale: A New Method of Body Length Estimation Suggests Much Smaller Sizes for Dunkleosteus terrelli,paper by Russell K. Engelman.
  • Hopefully we’re restoring our maniraptoran arms correctly. ‘Origin of the propatagium in non-avian dinosaurs,’ paper by Yurika Uno & Tatsuya Hirosawa.
  • How doth the little ankylosaur
    Improve its armoured throat,
    And add to the Cretaceous score
    Its own melodious note?
    ‘An ankylosaur larynx provides insights for bird-like vocalization in non-avian dinosaurs,’ paper by Yoshida et al. Dr. Mark Witton’s Twitter thread outlining key implications.

Vintage Dinosaur Art

The Ultimate Dinosaur Book by David Lambert, published by Dorling Kindersley, 1993. It features photographed modelwork by, among others, Roby Braun and Centaur Studios.


Marc interviews Emiliano Troco, a traditional artist based in Udine, northern Italy, working primarily in oils on themes historical, mythological, and of course, palaeontological. Emiliano has been likened to a ‘modern-day Zdeněk Burian.’


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    March 16, 2023 at 10:29 am

    Oh wow! That Styracosaurus model was recreated in the Micro Machines toy line; I immediately recognized the color pattern.

    Also, Emiliano’s work is beautiful! The ankylosaur painting in particular is absolutely gorgeous, I would love to have that hanging in my home. Also, I can empathize with his frustration of being compared to other artists, haha.

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