Podcast Show Notes: Episode 32 – Stavros and Solonevic

Podcast Show Notes

Spring has come early, and episode 32 has come late! In this one, Marc, Natee and Gemma discuss the unusual, singular and slightly deranged dinosaurs from the swinging 60s by cult palaeoartist George Solonevic, as it appears in a book called Dinosaurs and More Dinosaurs. Marc interviews the esteemed Stavros Svenson Kulindadromaeus Kundromichalis on his fabulous book on the dinosaurs of the Triassic. Have we polished up our Swedish? Will Allosaurus emerge from your wardrobe and swallow you up if you’ve been bad? Would Solonevic be less well-remembered if his dinosaurs looked more, well, normal? Can Stavros truly recreate every single dinosaur that has ever been described? How do you reconstruct the most obscure dinosaurs? Will Stavros and Johan Egerkrans fight to the death for the crown in the Swedish Palaeoart Brawl? You won’t want to miss this one!

And, once again, happy year of the Dragon.

In the News

  • Marc’s been to Paradise Park again! It’s one of our favourite places. Enjoy those times Marc and Gemma wrote about Paradise Park.
  • A newly produced Minimocursor-themed fabric has been named a Tourism Product of Thailand. Read all about it (in Thai) here, and watch how cool it looks.

Vintage Dinosaur Art

We discuss Dinosaurs And More Dinosaurs, published by Scolastic in 1965. It was written by M. Jean Craig and illustrated by the inscrutable George Solonevic.

  • A post containing all we’ve written about Solonevic – featuring biographical information from David Orr and a review of the book by Marc Vincent – can be found here.








Ceratosaurus on the cover

Antrodemus (Allosaurus)



Hypsilophodon (left) and Ornithomimus (right)









Stavros Svenson Kundromichalis is a palaeoartist from Sweden with a Greek name who recently published – in Swedish – his book De Första Dinosaurierna (The First Dinosaurs), all about the dinosaurs of the Triassic! Find his website, where you can order the book, here! (Availability outside of Sweden might be limited). He also has an Instagram and an ArtStation.

Eoraptor lunensis by Stavros Svensson Kundromichalis
Plateosaurus trossingensis by Stavros Svensson Kundromichalis
Pantydraco caducus by Stavros Svensson Kundromichalis
Melanorosaurus readi by Stavros Svensson Kundromichalis
Dilophosaurus wetherilli by Stavros Svensson Kundromichalis

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  • Reply
    March 5, 2024 at 10:29 am

    It took me a second to understand why the Solonevic Ceratosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Iguanodon looked familiar to me – of all things, they seem to have very directly ‘inspired’ some of the dinosaur illustrations in the monster manual of advanced dungeons and dragons (1977). You can check what I mean here, although I’m not certain if it shows all the pictures they used because it’s been a couple decades since I looked at the thing: https://www.tumblr.com/oldschoolfrp/189171678727/old-school-dinosaurs-tyrannosaurus-rex
    I’m not sure if the other illustrations TSR used were taken from someone else; were less directly copied; or were simply using other Solonevic pictures you didn’t put in this post.

    • Reply
      Gemma Hazeborg
      March 5, 2024 at 2:44 pm

      That’s great! I’ll make sure to mention that in the next episode.

  • Reply
    Grant Harding
    March 5, 2024 at 11:54 am

    I loved hearing you talk about that Solonevic book! One of my classrooms in elementary school had a copy, and I was fascinated by the bizarre imagery, the three-dimensional textures, and the genera I’d never heard of like Yaleosaurus and Syrmosaurus.

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