Podcast Show Notes: Episode 34 – Maurice Wilson and Johan Egerkrans

Podcast Show Notes

Happy days, all! Even moreso than usual, our newest podcast episode dives into the phenomenon of stylized dinosaurs, as we discuss whimsical works from the early 70s by Maurice Wilson, whose work is all but forgotten but holds up a treat, and talk to the esteemed Johan Egerkrans whose angular, dynamic dinosaur art has captured the hearts of the palaeo world. Featuring forgotten Disney movies, exciting board games, pleasing shapes and lots of tea.

How do you strike the balance between artistic simplification and accuracy? What draws so many of us to theropods over all other dinosaurs? Can Johan ever escape the colour brown? Are all imitations of Sean Connery just imitations of Eddie Izzard? And can dinosaurs dance the cancan? All of this and more, in episode 34!

In the News

  • Marc and Natee visited the “Dinosaur rEvolution” exhibit at the Horniman Museum in London, featuring several mounts and artwork by Luis Rey. A link to the exhibiton can be found here.

Vintage Dinosaur Art

The Brooke Bond Picture Book from 1972 allowed you to collect dinosaur cards with your tea. The original artwork is by Maurice Wilson (1914-1987) and has aged rather well.















Wooly Mammoth



The original Archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx from the set

This is the dodo by Ustad Mansur we mentioned. Compare to the Maurice Wilson pieces above.


Johan Egerkrans is a Swedish illustrater whose books include Dragons, Nordische Götter, Vaesen, and a number of volumes on prehistoric animals. Known for his playful and animated style, Johan tells us all about his influences, process and upcoming projects. His website and shop can be found here and his artstation is here. Here is the link to the Dino Dynasty game Johan is currently working on.

(c) Johan Egerkrans

(c) Johan Egerkrans

(c) Johan Egerkrans

(c) Johan Egerkrans

(c) Johan Egerkrans

(c) Johan Egerkrans


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