About LITC

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs (LITC) has been publishing continuously since 2009. The blog began at Blogger, and moved to this WordPress-powered site in December 2017. Our focus is mainly on the evolving perception of Mesozoic life through art and pop culture. Our Vintage Dinosaur Art series, casting a modern eye on older dinosaur books, helps to chart the changing vision of dinosaurs in the public consciousness. We also post interviews, monthly news roundups, and reviews of contemporary books, attractions, and museum exhibits.

Why is it called that?

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs is a reference to a famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which you should read if you haven’t! When David started the blog (as a way to spend his lunch period working in a dreary cubicle farm), he knew he wanted to use a pop culture or literary reference. Enter his partner Jennie, who wondered if there would be a good dinosaur name that could fit into “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Chasmosaurus won, and here we are!


Here you go.

Readership and Guest Posts

LITC currently averages about 4,000 unique visitors per month, with over 4,000 followers on Facebook. We welcome comments and hope to spur conversation, but abusive, derogatory, or generally trollish behavior is not permitted.

Will you feature my guest post/ art/ project/ book/ crowdfunding campaign/ etc?

At this time, we are not taking requests for guest posts, and we don’t have the space to promote individual projects. Might give it a retweet, though.

Keeping the Lights On

We receive no advertising revenue, and do not publish sponsored posts. We invite you to support our work by becoming a patron at Patreon or purchasing some of our official merch at Redbubble.


These are the good and honorable people behind the blog.

David Orr

LITC founder David OrrDavid is an illustrator and graphic designer for Blue Aster Studio and works full-time as a graphic designer for Indiana University Libraries. He has loved dinosaurs, paleontology, and natural history in general since childhood, always fascinated by the history of the rock under his feet and what tales it told of lost worlds. This led him to start LITC in 2009 and drives much of his creative work. He sells paleontology-inspired art and design at Studio 252MYA and Redbubble. You can also follow David on Twitter , Instagram, and DeviantArt.

Marc Vincent

Marc works in something vaguely IT-related, but has also been writing about dinosaurs (and especially dinosaur books and artwork) on the internet for some years now. Fascinated by dinosaurs as a child, his interest in them was piqued again in his early 20s when he learned how much the science had progressed in just a decade. Since joining the Chasmosaurs team in 2010, he’s been fortunate enough to meet all sorts of wonderful scientists, artists and enthusiasts through his little blogging hobby. And he does hope that he’s significantly less bitter and cynical than he used to be. Follow Marc on Twitter and read his reviews at the Dinosaur Toy Blog.

Nick Shofield

Photos of LITC contributor Nick Schofield, holding a T. rex mug

Nick is a writer based outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Obsessed with dinosaurs and paleontology since birth, he has worked to share and communicate this passion with others. Currently, he runs his own paleo scicomm blog Rex Machina. At Rex Machina, he explores his personal experiences of paleontology, novel and intriguing news from the paleo world, and the intersections of natural history and culture. He’s also currently working on a dinosaur-themed novel. You can follow Nick on Twitter and Instagram.

N. Puttapipat

Natee is an illustrator with a love of the arts and natural history, who within the Dinoblogosphere may be recognised (possibly with distaste) for drawing such things as Triceratops on a tricycle and ornately caparisoned Olorotitan giving rides to fine folk. As well as gradually bringing Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs into disrepute as a contributor, Natee also occasionally reviews toys and models of the saurian kind for the Dinosaur Toy Blog. You can also follow Natee on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Gemma Hazeborg

Gemma is a writer, artist and science educator based in the Netherlands. After getting a master’s degree in philosophy and spending decade in showbiz, Gemma now works as an educator at a zoo and has a side hustle as a musician. Gemma contributes Vintage Dinosaur Art articles to the blog, as well as reviewing museums and kitschy dinosaur attractions all around Europe. Gemma produces and edits the famous LITC podcast.

Emeritus contributors

Victoria Arbour

Victoria Arbour is a postdoctoral fellow at the Royal Ontario Museum and University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. She’s especially interested in ankylosaur palaeobiology, the evolution of weaponry in extinct animals, and Cretaceous dinosaur biogeography. Visit her website, including her excellent solo blog, at Pseudoplocephalus.com, or follow her on Twitter.

Asher Elbein

Asher has been writing and illustrating dinosaurs in one capacity or another for as long as he can remember. These days he’s a freelance journalist on the beat, covering folklore, ecology, pop-culture (and, yes, paleontology). You can read his work at asherelbein.com, follow him on Twitter and see his art at Ashere.deviantart.com.