Ford versus Naish

Live Debate

Last night, Natee and I – along with a whole host of other lovely people (and John Conway) – attended Were Dinosaurs Too Big?, hosted at London’s Conway Hall. It was essentially a debate between two competing views of dinosaur palaeontology. In the red corner, we had Darren Naish – palaeontologist, author, blogger, surely needs …

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Dinosaurs in the Wild – review

Attraction Review

According to a whizzy promotional website, the Greenwich Peninsula is a whole “new London”, incorporating all-new developments of unaffordable homes, office blocks, leisure facilities, the O2 (formerly the Millennium Dome), and a slightly silly cable car. It’s also a place where, until the end of July at least, you can travel instantaneously to Montana and …

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaur Encore

Vintage Dinosaur Art

How would today’s animals fare if introduced to Mesozoic dinosaurs? It’s a scenario that’s been posited a number of times in print, sometimes with hilarious results. Fortunately, this title is completely free of atrocious Photoshop butchery and/or Dougal Dixon. Instead, this delightful 1992 book from Patricia Mullins features a series of charming illustrations produced using …

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