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Vintage Dinosaur Gaming: Dinosaur Adventure 3D Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art Vintage Dinosaur Gaming

If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of your childhood playing educational video games. I was the perfect age for the cavalcade of edutainment titles that flooded shelves in the early 2000s and none captured my attention quite like those that prominently featured dinosaurs. Endless hours of my youth were spent skulking in the needlessly eerie museum halls of DK’s Eyewitness: Dinosaur Hunter, unleashing ravenous Allosaurus into the food courts in the quasi-educational management sim Zoo Tycoon’s Dino…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Creepy Creatures

Vintage Dinosaur Art

For many of us, an interest in dinosaurs goes hand in hand with a general fascination with all things monstrous. This association of imagined creatures with the real monsters of the past is such a strong one that many books focused on the former can’t help but spend a bit of time on the latter. Creepy Creatures, published in 1982, is one such book. Written and illustrated entirely by Dan Nevins, this book profiles a menagerie of creatures hailing from…

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Prehistoric Planet – A Modern Vision of the Past

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I was only a year old when BBC’s landmark series Walking with Dinosaurs first aired, but I have to imagine watching it in 1999 must have felt similar to the way I felt watching Prehistoric Planet this week. Not since then has the age of dinosaurs ever been portrayed so believably. For the first time in a big-budget media project we’re getting depictions of Mesozoic life that isn’t plagued by concessions and strange design choices. Feathers are commonplace. Multi-ton behemoths…

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A spread of dinosaur artwork featuring representatives of each major clade.

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Zoobooks Dinosaurs – Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Who remembers Zoobooks? Beginning in 1980, the richly illustrated and highly authoritative Zoobooks series made a name for itself as some of the very best educational books in the world of children’s publishing. Zoobooks were primarily distributed as mail-in magazines and hardback library copies, though I’ve also seen hardbacks sold at zoo gift shops. Most issues, as you’d expect, covered modern animals in great detail and the one devoted to dinosaurs is no different. Originally published in 1985, it was…

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A skeletal mount of Ceratosaurus chasing Dryosaurus.

Introducing Sophie!

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There’s a new face on the blog! Sophie has been getting some attention on Twitter with, among other things, her threads on vintage dinosaur books. Of course, it was a matter of time before she found her way here. Please welcome Sophie and come say hi in the comments! – Niels Hi there, everyone! I’m Sophie, you might know me from my Twitter where I’ve made a name for myself with my enormous threads on old dinosaur art, regular commentary…

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