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Guest Post: Dinosaur Sanctuary review by Tommy Leung

Book Review Guest Post

Today we’re happy to welcome back Tommy Leung, who previously delighted you with their review of My Girlfriend is a T. rex in 2016… which is, somehow, six years ago. Tommy’s blog Parasite of the Day is a blast to read, as long as you can push your ick feelings aside and appreciate the wild diversity of the parasite world. You can do that, surely. Tommy is also part of the wonderful Gallimaufric Science podcast, which you really should listen to.…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art Guest Post: Joan Turmelle on “Then and Now”

Guest Post Vintage Dinosaur Art

For today’s guest post, we’re welcoming Joan Turmelle to the blog. Joan is an undergrad alumni from ECU, who majored in Anthropology, and a frequent collaborator with several members of the paleo-community. Recently, she served as moderator for the Dino Nerds For Black Lives event. Give Joan a follow on Twitter! After several years of searching, I had managed to track down Then and Now, a book that I had once owned but gave away without really thinking. Despite knowing…

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Guest Post: Timur Sivgin at Sauriermuseum Frick

Guest Post Museums

Please welcome Timur Sivgin to Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. In this guest post, we’ll join him as he visits the Sauriermuseum in Frick, Switzerland and see what prehistoric treasures it holds. Take it away, Timur! First, my bio. I was born in 1998 in Switzerland to Turkish parents. I was raised on a whole lot of dinosaur-documentaries and books and my interest in the subject never really vaned. I am currently working towards my bachelor’s degree at the…

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Guest Post: Paleoart History in Munich

Guest Post Museums Vintage Dinosaur Art

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Ilja Nieuwland. Inspired by our coverage of the palaeoart exhibition in Haarlem, he wrote in to share his views on a different palaeoart exhibition in Munich. Yes, it turns out there are no less than three palaeoart exhibitions running in Europe this year! Ilja is a cultural historian of science, focusing on the history of palaeontology and geology. In 2019, he published American Dinosaur Abroad: A Cultural History of Carnegie’s Plaster Diplodocus,…

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