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Vintage Dinosaur Gaming: Dinosaur Adventure 3-D Part 2

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Last time in Vintage Dinosaur Gaming, we met the precocious Parasaurolophus Rolph and began a quest to save Paleo Island from a monstrous T.rex. After a tour through the Triassic section of the island, we took a ride on our pterosaur pal Pterrance and landed in the Jurassic section. This screen represents the early Jurassic, as indicated by the Dilophosaurus¬†skulking about in the distance. Besides the grass-like ground cover, the flora has an appropriately Jurassic flair and shows an attention…

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Vintage Dinosaur Gaming: Dinosaur Adventure 3D Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art Vintage Dinosaur Gaming

If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of your childhood playing educational video games. I was the perfect age for the cavalcade of edutainment titles that flooded shelves in the early 2000s and none captured my attention quite like those that prominently featured dinosaurs. Endless hours of my youth were spent skulking in the needlessly eerie museum halls of DK’s Eyewitness: Dinosaur Hunter, unleashing ravenous Allosaurus into the food courts in the quasi-educational management sim Zoo Tycoon’s Dino…

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