About me

I'm David, and Orogenic Industries is the name I use for all of my paleoart and prehistorically-inspired printmaking and design. I've been fascinated and enraptured by paleontology for as long as I can remember. Before childhood roadtrips, I would learn about local geology so I'd know the age of the landscape around me. Being from Indiana, with its sad lack of dinosaurs, I envied people whose homes sat on Mesozoic bedrock. Sure, our local Ice Age megafauna and Paleozoic marine life were well and good, but my tastes had not quite matured yet.

They did eventually, and now I'm smitten with just about any fossil I can get my eyes or my hands on. I channel that love of prehistoric worlds into my art and design. I believe that the natural history of our planet belongs to everyone, and I hope that my work can delight people who share this passion and also help them start conversations about it.

I can't pick a favorite dinosaur, but I can say that for me, Jurassic Park peaked just after that first Brachiosaurus scene when we saw the animals off in the distance, casually going about their lives in that lagoon. I still remember being frozen in my seat, barely able to believe my eyes as I saw my imagination given life on the screen.

Feel free to shoot me an email or reach out at the social media platforms below. And I'd love it if you checked out Blue Aster Studio, the art and design business I run with my wife, Jennie, which is dedicated to flora and fauna that is actually still alive.