Titus the T. rex at Wollaton Hall


Following the stunning coup that was the Dinosaurs of China exhibition, the Nottingham Natural History Museum – located in the former stately home, Wollaton Hall, in Nottingham – has opened another temporary dinosaur display of a dramatically different nature. Whereas Dinosaurs of China was stuffed with a wide range of different fossil animals that are …

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Prehistoric Pets – review

Book Review

Palaeontologist (and compatriot) Dean Lomax has made quite a name for himself over the last several years, and rightly so. Here’s another string for his bow – the remarkably impressive children’s book Prehistoric Pets (published by Templar), a showcase for his skills as a passionate science communicator. The cover might imply that this is simply …

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Prehistoric World of the Dinosaur

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Or Norman: Into the Normanverse What book casts a longer shadow than David Norman’s 1985 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs? Which dinosaur reconstructions are more iconic, more widely seen and more frequently copied than John Sibbick’s? What book has been referenced more frequently on these pages than the one we still affectionately call the Normanpedia? …

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