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The 2019 Dinosaur Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Welcome to the sixth annual Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs holiday gift guide! This is always a lot of fun to put together, a true labor of love. As ever, we choose books, art, clothing, and other items that strike our fancy, feature copious independent artists and creators, and never take any money or other considerations in exchange for inclusion in the guide. So now that you feel warm and fuzzy about this whole enterprise, we shall commence. Books…

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Monoclonius illustration by Ezra Tucker, from the Beasts of the Mesozoic figure box art

This Mesozoic Month: September 2019

This Mesozoic Month

Let’s close out September of 2019 with a look back at what we learned about mesozoic life. Stay tuned in October as we have TetZooCon and SVP coming up, and are sure to have a massive amount of good stuff coming our way. In the News Japan has a new hadrosaur, dubbed Kamuysaurus japonicus. This is the first hadrosaurine from Japan, and the authors propose that the dispersal of the family between Asia and North America may have been aided…

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Visiting the Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Part 2


In my first post on the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, I covered the Triassic and Jurassic halls of the Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit. Sorry for the wait for part two! I didn’t intend to be so long! Now we journey to the Cretaceous and beyond, for as we all know by now: dinosaurs aren’t extinct. Our first steps into the Cretaceous give us the chance to greet a themed collection of smaller specimens, as models of Psittacosaurus, Caudipteryx,…

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"Alice in Wonderland," an illustration of Nanuqsaurus by Raven Amos

This Mesozoic Month: December 2017

This Mesozoic Month

Here it is, our final This Mesozoic Month of 2017, but our first in our new home! I’ve really enjoyed this format for our periodical roundups, and hope you have as well. In the News HALSZKARAPTOR! This incredibly weird and cool dromaeosaur made a splash early this month in Nature. The goosey lil’ devil. Read more about the “murder-swan” from NYT, Newsweek, Cosmos, Tristan Stock, and our own Asher Elbein for Audubon. Prof. Julia Clarke has used crocodile and bittern vocalizations to make a guess…

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