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Illustration of Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis by Stavros Svensson Kundromichalis. Shared here with the artist's permission.

This Mesozoic Month: April 2019

This Mesozoic Month

Here in my corner of the northern hemisphere, spring is finally starting to do its thing: days elongating, trees budding, flowers blossoming. But no matter where in the world you are, we can all revel in a blossoming of research, writing and art exploring prehistory. Take my hand as we stroll through the Mesozoic world, perpetually being enriched by the hard work of the paleontological community. In the News It is such a precious thing to have any fossil remains…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs of the World (Avi-Cha) – Part 2

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Having covered this book’s theropods in a previous post, I suppose it’s time we give those Other Dinosaurs a quick look.  I still think it’s a real shame that this series wasn’t published more widely; the illustrations are consistently excellent and serve as a wonderful reminder of where we were at in the late ’90s. This was the work of some of the best palaeo-illustrators around, and it’s never made more clear than when they apply the same care, attention…

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