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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 16 – Bernard Robinson and Riley Black

Podcast Show Notes

There’s a new episode of the LITC podcast! In this one, Marc, Niels and Natee tackle one of Britain’s most well-liked childhood heroes of palaeoart, the late Bernard Robinson. From this innocuous children’s book, we then discuss the worst day in the history of the world with Riley Black, writer of the upcoming The Last Days of the Dinosaurs. It turns out to be a surprisingly personal yet universal book. We discuss the metaphoric resonance of the story of how…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs (St Michael) – Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Not so long ago, I looked at a book sold under a supermarket brand (in the UK at least), and now here’s one that was published under the banner of the British department store chain, Marks and Spencer. Or at least, under their St Michael sub-brand, which I remember from my childhood, but doesn’t seem to be used by them anymore. In any case, it’s another book that’s considerably better than it has any right to be, and not least…

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