Vintage Dinosaur VHS: Eyewitness Dinosaur

Film review

Back in the 1990s, any trip to the library had to involve raiding the shelves for Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness books. Packed with lavish photography printed on the glossiest of high-quality paper, they were a real visual feast when compared with contemporary kids’ non-fiction. The then-unusual approach of isolating objects (be they model dinosaurs, fossils, living …

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaur Encore

Vintage Dinosaur Art

How would today’s animals fare if introduced to Mesozoic dinosaurs? It’s a scenario that’s been posited a number of times in print, sometimes with hilarious results. Fortunately, this title is completely free of atrocious Photoshop butchery and/or Dougal Dixon. Instead, this delightful 1992 book from Patricia Mullins features a series of charming illustrations produced using …

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