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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 5 – Jane Burton and Rebecca Groom

Podcast Show Notes

The fifth episode of the LITC podcast is here, in which the team ventures off the beaten path into more unusual forms of palaeoart. We discuss a volume of vintage dinosaur art that was ahead of its time in its blending of photography and illustration. For our interview, Natee talks to Rebecca Groom, whose hand-crafted soft toys of underrepresented animals, both living and extinct, have won her many admirers. Featuring rainbows and unicorns and an exclusive poetry reading by Natee.…

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Brian Engh’s Hot Heads

Illustration Interview

We all knew that a great many dinosaurs were airheads, but were we presuming too much about what was going on in and around their gorgeous skulls? In their paper The Frontoparietal Fossa and Dorsotemporal Fenestra of Archosaurs and Their Significance for Interpretations of Vascular and Muscular Anatomy in Dinosaurs, published in The Anatomical Record, Holliday et al. look at the anatomy of existing archosaurs and apply their findings to an aspect of dinosaur cranial anatomy that we’d always taken…

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Pappochelys by Brian Engh - crop

Pappochelys: Cancer in Deep Time

Illustration Interview

So, what’s noted palaeoartist Brian Engh been up to lately? Well, last Thursday (February 7) JAMA Oncology published Triassic Cancer – Osteosarcoma in a 240-Million-Year-Old Stem Turtle (link) by Haridy, Witzmann, Asbach et al. The paper documents the presence of a malignant tumour present on the femur of a Triassic stem-turtle, Pappochelys rosinae. Although the specimen resides in the collections of the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde in Stuttgart, it underwent analysis at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, where lead author…

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The SummonEngh Paleoart Contest Banner

Paleoart Contest Announcement: The SummonEngh 2018


Today, Brian Engh announces his new paleoart contest and we’re happy to help spread the word. Read on for all of the details from Brian himself. YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED TO RESSURECT ANCIENT CREATURES THROUGH ART AND SCIENCE! I am excited to announce that I won the Lanzendorf National Geographic Paleoart Prize for 2D illustration this year, but there really aren’t very many competitions for paleoart so I’ve decided to pay it forward and host my own! INTRODUCING THE SummonEngh…

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