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Vintage Dinosaur Art: World Atlas of Dinosaurs – Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art

It’s 2023, and we have a rule here. It’s an arbitrary rule, but here we are: We count everything as “vintage” that is 20 years old or older. That means, try not to die of shock here, that everything up to 2003 is now eligible for a Vintage Dinosaur Art review. Them’s the breaks. A whole new millennium is opening up for us! Now, when I think of what dinosaur books look like in the 21st century, I mostly think…

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Dino Weeks at Dierenrijk

Attraction Review

So, you might imagine we’ve all been spoiled a bit lately, what with Prehistoric Planet and all. It’s easy to develop high expectations, and to expect everything to be subject to the same sublime standards of visual quality and scientific accuracy. Lest we get too comfortable, I think it prudent to take a stroll among some good old fashioned ugly Chinese dinosaur animatronics. It’s good to be reminded that dinosaurs in public spaces can still be rubbish, too. Take it…

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The 2019 Dinosaur Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Welcome to the sixth annual Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs holiday gift guide! This is always a lot of fun to put together, a true labor of love. As ever, we choose books, art, clothing, and other items that strike our fancy, feature copious independent artists and creators, and never take any money or other considerations in exchange for inclusion in the guide. So now that you feel warm and fuzzy about this whole enterprise, we shall commence. Books…

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Bauria illustration by Eldar Zakirov

This Mesozoic Month: November 2018

This Mesozoic Month

November! You came and went so fast, it seemed. But you brought us much to chew on, and for that we’re thankful. It’s your eleventh This Mesozoic Month of 2018, and it is stuffed to the max. In the News The passing of Ralph Chapman hit the community hard this month. Our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. Another big, charismatic dinosaur is up for auction [PDF link], and as ever, these companies try to make it look all…

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