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A pair of Cryodrakon pterosaurs flying high, with their shadows cast on a cloud

Paleoartist Interview: Rebecca Dart


For the last few years, Rebecca Dart has been blowing the minds of her social media followers with her dynamic and atmospheric paleoart, and her #DrawDinovember output is legendary. More than any other artist, her body of paleoart feels uniquely suited to social media. As you scroll through her feed, the rounded square framing device she uses evokes the feeling of using a Viewmaster, seeing single frames selected from moving worlds that existed before we looked, persisting after. A veteran…

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close up view of Sara Otterstatter's Inktober illustration of a theropod sheltering inside a fallen sauropod

This Mesozoic Month: October 2019

This Mesozoic Month

Ah, October. A month of transformation in these northern latitudes, as the last green of summer is sucked from the world and a final riot of color gives way to the gray and brown of winter. It’s always a big month in paleontology as well, as the SVP annual meeting and the newer tradition of TetZooCon fill our feeds with new discoveries and insights. In the US, Earth Science Week and the attendant National Fossil Day provide copious outreach opportunities…

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Monoclonius illustration by Ezra Tucker, from the Beasts of the Mesozoic figure box art

This Mesozoic Month: September 2019

This Mesozoic Month

Let’s close out September of 2019 with a look back at what we learned about mesozoic life. Stay tuned in October as we have TetZooCon and SVP coming up, and are sure to have a massive amount of good stuff coming our way. In the News Japan has a new hadrosaur, dubbed Kamuysaurus japonicus. This is the first hadrosaurine from Japan, and the authors propose that the dispersal of the family between Asia and North America may have been aided…

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