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My Paleoart Year

Paleoart Gallery

2020’s been a weird one, but I have managed to create some paleoart. I don’t write much about my own work, so I thought it would be fun to round up what I’ve been up to in this post. Hope you enjoy! First up is my newest one. I was very excited to see this one hit the web this week. It is the initial design in Studio 252mya’s Paleo Parks poster series. I chose to do the Kaiparowits Formation.…

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Andrey Belov's Utahceratops battle

This Mesozoic Month: February 2020

This Mesozoic Month

Every month, I round up some of the coolest discoveries, blogging, videos, and other bits of mesozoic-themed fun that recently hit the web. And I always pick an interesting piece of paleoart that crossed my path, no matter when it was created. And that’s how This Mesozoic Month is made. Let’s shut the door on February and prepare ourselves for what March has in store! In the News Stagodontidae is a clade of late Cretaceous metatherians, of which Didelphodon is…

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