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TetZooMCon 2021


It came out of left field: after the first online edition of TetZooCon, named TetZooMCon (this is a Pune or play on words) was a great success in December 2020, Darren Naish announced the next one for early September 2021, well under a year later and on relatively short notice. 3 September was the day we once again sat down at our laptops for a series of interesting talks delivered directly to our homes. Unfortunately, this was the first ever…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaur!

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Although I became interested in dinosaurs before the release of that film in 1993, it was only just before, and as such I’m a tiny bit too young to remember Dinosaur!, a 1991 TV series that featured as consultant none other than sexily shiny-domed Iguanodon expert Dr David Norman. Yes, the very same Dr Norman who wrote the Normanpedia and stared out sultrily in black and white from the back cover of each issue of Dinosaurs! magazine (whether or not…

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