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A skeletal mount of Ceratosaurus chasing Dryosaurus.

Introducing Sophie!

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There’s a new face on the blog! Sophie has been getting some attention on Twitter with, among other things, her threads on vintage dinosaur books. Of course, it was a matter of time before she found her way here. Please welcome Sophie and come say hi in the comments! – Niels Hi there, everyone! I’m Sophie, you might know me from my Twitter where I’ve made a name for myself with my enormous threads on old dinosaur art, regular commentary…

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Image of a number of paleoartist Mary Sanche's work on display.

Paleoartist Interview: Reimagining the Past with Mary Sanche


There‚Äôs no one way to do paleoart. No one is proving that more than Mary Sanche. Based in Drumheller, Alberta, Sanche is a graphic designer for the famed Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. As a science & editorial illustrator, she creates not only paleoart, but work that spans across many different genres. Her work sometimes blends styles and genres together, creating unique works of art that draw audiences in. Her list of publications and exhibitions include Canadian Geographic, the Nature…

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Paleoart by Liam Elward

Liam Elward: Of Proboscideans and Paleo Memes


In the Windy City, there are extinct creatures being brought back to life…sort of. Liam Elward is an aspiring paleoartist from Chicago, Illinois. His portfolio ranges a whole manner of extinct lineages and geologic periods, from the Carboniferous edaphosaurids to Cenozoic megafauna like early cetaceans and proboscideans. His work has been lauded by paleontologists and fellow paleoartists alike, including: Jim Kirkland, Darren Naish, Keenan Taylor, and Jaime Headden. Elward is currently pursuing an education in art, and in his spare…

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