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Prehistoric Planet – A Modern Vision of the Past

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I was only a year old when BBC’s landmark series Walking with Dinosaurs first aired, but I have to imagine watching it in 1999 must have felt similar to the way I felt watching Prehistoric Planet this week. Not since then has the age of dinosaurs ever been portrayed so believably. For the first time in a big-budget media project we’re getting depictions of Mesozoic life that isn’t plagued by concessions and strange design choices. Feathers are commonplace. Multi-ton behemoths…

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Will The Real T. rex please stand up

TV review

Dinosaur documentaries on TV don’t always enjoy the best of reputations. The BBC’s latest effort, The Real T. rex (deciding how to italicise that is giving me a headache), received some unfortunate early notoriety in online-palaeo-nerd circles when an image of a CG model from the programme did the rounds, depicting a rather goofy-looking, Jeremy Clarkson-haired, Simpsons-overbite weirdo. This prompted a ‘remodel’ by Fred Wierum aka ‘Fred the Dinosaurman’, as shown below, which received its own share of criticism (dangly…

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