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Vintage Dinosaur Art: books from the DK Action Pack

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Following a perusal of the ACTION PACK as a whole in my previous post, let’s now have a closer look at the two books included within. The first of these, like the pack itself (and the somewhat related Eyewitness book), is simply entitled Dinosaur, and serves as a basic primer as to what dinosaurs are all about. It also features a lot of classic model photography, which makes me Very Happy Indeed. Many of the models featured in Dinosaur (the…

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Back of Dino Action Pack

Vintage Dinosaur Activity Pack: Dinosaur (DK Action Pack)

Book Review Illustration Vintage Dinosaur Art

What began with an examination of 1994’s Eyewitness Dinosaur video has lead me to this – purchasing a children’s activity pack from eBay. Ah, but not any children’s activity pack, for this one includes warm 1990s nostalgia alongside a pop-out card model, board game and (gasp!) “five facsimile documents”. Yes, it’s the DK ACTION PACK that, in true Eyewitness style, is simply entitled Dinosaur – even if it isn’t branded up with the monochromatic all-seeing eye. My copy may have…

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Eyewitness Dinosaur part 2 featured image

Eyewitness Guides: Dinosaur – 30 years on (part 2)

Book Review

As promised, here’s some more from Dinosaur, part of the Eyewitness Guides series, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary – and not a Diplodocus in sight. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the emphasis of this book is definitely not on life reconstructions, which always play second fiddle to gloriously large photographs of fossil specimens. It’s an approach that I doubt a publisher would encourage these days, and indeed the most recent edition of Dinosaur leans far more heavily on (often…

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Diplodocus ribcage

Eyewitness Guides: Dinosaur – 30 years on (part 1)

Book Review

Last month, I finally got around to reviewing the Eyewitness Dinosaur video from 1994, part of a series spun off from the Eyewitness Guides books published by Dorling Kindersley. It occurred to me then that I’d never actually reviewed the Dinosaur book itself, which prompted a quick scouring of eBay for a copy – preferably as old and cheap as possible. Having bought what I thought was a 1989 edition for less than the price of a pint, I was…

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Vintage Dinosaur VHS: Eyewitness Dinosaur

Film review

Back in the 1990s, any trip to the library had to involve raiding the shelves for Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness books. Packed with lavish photography printed on the glossiest of high-quality paper, they were a real visual feast when compared with contemporary kids’ non-fiction. The then-unusual approach of isolating objects (be they model dinosaurs, fossils, living animals, cars, archaeological artifacts or whatever else) on a stark white background made them instantly striking. Of course, there was an Eyewitness Dinosaur book, and…

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