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Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Podcast promotional graphic featuring a chasmosaurus skull with a microphone

Podcast Show Notes: Episode 8

Podcast Show Notes

In the latest episode of the podcast, Marc, Natee and Niels finally answer the age-old question: Is the P silent in “pterosaurs”? (no, it isn’t) [Yes – it is. M]. The LITC crew discuss one of history’s most celebrated palaeoartists, the late Ely Kish, and her work for Dale Russell’s An Oddyssey in Time. Some of us are big fans, while others need some convincing… Jed Taylor discusses the trials and tribulations of the beginning palaeoartist whose work blew up…

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Dinosaurs: A Journey to the Lost Kingdom – book review

Book Review

It’s very seldom that I’ll buy a book having never read a review – never mind one where I have no idea what’s inside it. I came upon Dinosaurs: A Journey to the Lost Kingdom purely by chance in an independent bookshop in a nearby town, and found it hard to resist a cellophane-wrapped box sporting Charles Knight’s famous tumbling dryptosaurs. The choice of cover image seemed telling – surely anyone willing to plaster that all over their brand new…

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Scaphognathus crassirostris © Gabriel Ugueto. Shared here with the artist's permission.

This Mesozoic Month: March 2018

This Mesozoic Month

What a fine paleontological month March turned out to be. I’d like to send massive thanks out to all of the paleontologists, preparators, museum workers, and other dauntless explorers and communicators of deep time who deliver us such amazing research and insight. Good job, everyone! Now let’s check out this Mesozoic month. In the News The US state of Arkansas’ state dinosaur has been officially published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology by ReBecca Hunt-Foster. Read an interview with Hunt-Foster…

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