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Vintage Dinosaur Art: On the Trail of the Dinosaurs – Part 1

Vintage Dinosaur Art

Another day, another dinosaur book that is too bloody big for my scanner. Written by the ever-prolific Mike Benton and published in 1989, On The Trail Of The Dinosaurs is one in a series of three books on palaeontology and prehistoric life. There’s also separate volumes on palaeozoic and cenozoic animals. What makes this one of interest to us is that, in the life reconstructions, we recognize the steady hand of perennial LITC darling Graham Rosewarne. We mostly know Rosewarne…

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Andrey Belov's Utahceratops battle

This Mesozoic Month: February 2020

This Mesozoic Month

Every month, I round up some of the coolest discoveries, blogging, videos, and other bits of mesozoic-themed fun that recently hit the web. And I always pick an interesting piece of paleoart that crossed my path, no matter when it was created. And that’s how This Mesozoic Month is made. Let’s shut the door on February and prepare ourselves for what March has in store! In the News Stagodontidae is a clade of late Cretaceous metatherians, of which Didelphodon is…

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