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Spread in Mesozoic Art featuring work from Jed Taylor

Mesozoic Art – Marc’s review

Book Review

Who doesn’t want another coffee table book filled with very pretty palaeoart printed on good quality paper? Mesozoic Art is the spiritual successor to Dinosaur Art and Dinosaur Art II, both published by Titan Books in 2012 and 2017, respectively. As Bloomsbury has published this one, it can’t be a sequel in the literal sense, even if the front cover is very, very strongly suggestive of it being so. It also (in spite of the cover design) departs from its…

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Apatosaurus louisae illustrated by Emiliano Troco

This Mesozoic Month: July 2020

This Mesozoic Month

Geez, it’s been hot here. But the katydids, crickets, and cicadas have made it more bearable, as has the phenological progression of the seasons which now brings ironweed and goldenrod into bloom. I’ll be wishing for these things in the dead of winter. Also, there’s been a fair amount of paleontology goings-on! So let’s check it out in This Mesozoic Month for July, 2020. In the News Dilophosaurus is a rather famous dinosaur, thanks to a movie it appeared in…

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