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Paleoartist Interview: Mette Aumala


From paleoart to spec evo and biologically plausible fantasy creatures, Mette Aumala’s artwork spans genres and embraces a dizzying diversity of aesthetic approaches. Through all of this diversity, there is a strong through-line, a clear fascination with evolution and a curiosity that seems to demand so many varying approaches to manifest. I’m happy to bring you this interview, in which we discuss her artistic journey and her practice. What are your earliest memories as an enthusiast of prehistoric life? Was…

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"Alice in Wonderland," an illustration of Nanuqsaurus by Raven Amos

This Mesozoic Month: December 2017

This Mesozoic Month

Here it is, our final This Mesozoic Month of 2017, but our first in our new home! I’ve really enjoyed this format for our periodical roundups, and hope you have as well. In the News HALSZKARAPTOR! This incredibly weird and cool dromaeosaur made a splash early this month in Nature. The goosey lil’ devil. Read more about the “murder-swan” from NYT, Newsweek, Cosmos, Tristan Stock, and our own Asher Elbein for Audubon. Prof. Julia Clarke has used crocodile and bittern vocalizations to make a guess…

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