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Attraction Review

Given Sam Bright’s excellent recent guest post on the Crystal Palace dinosaurs, it only seems fitting that we turn to another, more modern park full of full-scale life reconstructions of prehistoric beasts. Except, of course, this is firmly on the kitsch-o-saurus end of the scale, and there certainly won’t be a reference section at the end. Leave it to me to the lower the tone. What’s more, this is yet another example of me wallowing in childhood nostalgia. For I…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Prehistoric Animals (by Peter Zallinger)

Vintage Dinosaur Art

There’s a tendency in children’s publishing to give any book that features a range of prehistoric animals – including dinosaurs – a title that literally places the word ‘dinosaurs’ above all else, in a huge typeface, often followed by a much smaller “and the prehistoric world” or “and other prehistoric animals”. It’s a tendency I’ve alluded to on a number of occasions by referring to ‘otherprehistoricanimals’ appearing in books, as if they’re an afterthought. Well, not here! For this 1978…

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