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Europasaurus: Life on Jurassic Islands – Review

Book Review

It’s certainly been a rough old year, and over here amid the dismal lorry-strewn wastes of Plague Island, things seem to only go from bad to worse. So, a chance to escape to sunnier, more prehistoric climes is definitely welcome. As luck would have it, here comes Europasaurus: Life on Jurassic Islands (or Urzeitinseln voller Leben), a book that so perfectly visualises the tropical archipelagos of Late Jurassic Germany, so gorgeously immerses the reader in a long-lost world devoid of…

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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 1 – Giovanni Caselli and Joschua Knüppe

Podcast Show Notes

Introducing Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Podcast! In the first episode, Natee Himmapaan, Marc Vincent and Niels Hazeborg discuss the dinosaur news, admire a well known book full of Vintage Dinosaur Art, and interview palaeoartist Joschua Knüppe on his new book. On this blog post, you can find links to the relevant news articles, all the images we discuss, and links to the work of our interviewed artist.  In the News TetZooMCon happened on 12 december 2020.…

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