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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 27 – Dinosaurium and Matt Dempsey

Podcast Show Notes

As the summer fades and the leaves start falling, nothing better but to sit and listen to the latest episode of the LITC podcast. Marc, Niels and Natee discuss a favourite from the early 90s: Donna Braginetz’ brilliant Dinosaurium, the dream museum in book form. In a not dissimilar vein, Marc and Niels interview Matt Dempsey, whose musculoskeletal dinosaur reconstructions are a great help to palaeoartists everywhere. Lots of discussions about tyrannosaur legs, ornithischian quadrupedality and recreations of Jurassic Park…

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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 22 – Postcards from TetZooCon 2022

Conference Podcast Show Notes

Episode 22 closes off the year 2022. Here is the yearly postcard from TetZooCon, in podcast form! The UK’s biggest event of Our People, organized by that man Naish and presumably other people, was held early December at the Bush House in London. It was a palaeo-heavy conference, with lots of dinosaur and especially pterosaur talks, the yearly palaeoart workshop, lots of attention for the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and the launches (or re-launches) of some significant books. And this time,…

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