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Prehistoric Planet: Long Hot Polar Summer

TV review

Prehistoric Planet’s third installment takes us to the Late Cretaceous poles, an environment that seems to have featured surprisingly often in palaeo-media. It opens in North America with some Arctic dromaeosaurs, drawn to migratory edmontosaurs fording a river. There are much stronger shades of the old ‘pack hunting dromaeosaurs’ trope here, with the animals seeming to co-ordinate their efforts, although they are clearly after juveniles and, in the end, scavenge the remains of an individual killed by the currents of…

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Oloroceratops: An Animatronic Dinosaur Meme


As readers of this blog should know all too well, palaeoart is a field where copying other people’s work is commonplace. This is especially true if a nonexpert artist has been commissioned to cook something up on the cheap. How many books have been reviewed here whose artwork can be traced back to the old greats? How many lesser artists have we seen who’ve copied the work of originals like Charles Knight, Zdeněk Burian, Robert Bakker, Greg Paul or John…

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Tylosaurus illustration © Duskyvel, shared here with the artist's permission.

This Mesozoic Month: April 2018

This Mesozoic Month

Blasting into your feed reader, it’s another roundup to close out this month. Over the first four months into 2018, we’ve been treated to a glut of Mesozoic insights. You never know what’s coming next on this veritable feast of knowledge! Dine away, my friends… feast on this prehistoric enlightenment. In the News The Ichthyosaurus specimen with a belly full ‘o babies has been published. Read more at the BBC and Phys Org. Well, look at that: some caenagnathid eggs…

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