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Given Sam Bright’s excellent recent guest post on the Crystal Palace dinosaurs, it only seems fitting that we turn to another, more modern park full of full-scale life reconstructions of prehistoric beasts. Except, of course, this is firmly on the kitsch-o-saurus end of the scale, and there certainly won’t be a reference section at the end. Leave it to me to the lower the tone. What’s more, this is yet another example of me wallowing in childhood nostalgia. For I…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Prehistoric World – Part 3

Vintage Dinosaur Art

In my last post on The Prehistoric World, I noted that it had been a whole month since my last VDA post – but this time it’s been even longer! Well, as Ian Malcolm didn’t say, life…gets in the way. Here’s one last look at the work of a series of fabulous, (mostly) Italian artists, as featured in a book originally published (in Italian) in 1982. This time, we’ll move on to Cenozoic wildlife, on which I am rather ill…

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Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs and Other Archosaurs – Part 3

Uncategorized Vintage Dinosaur Art

It’s time for one last outing with Peter Zallinger’s tan-and-green creations (see parts 1 and 2), only this time, we’re entering the Cenozoic! Although not right away. There are some heretofore unseen ceratopsians that deserve a look, first. Triceratops, being the ceratopsian rock star that it is, gets an entire page to itself. This is one of my favourite illustrations in the book – not only is it superbly detailed, in every aspect from the animal’s scaly skin folds to…

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